DCH Corner – NEW Email Newsletter from Decatur County Hospital

Each week we bring information about our services to your local newspaper, so you can read about us wherever you get your local news. To continue our communication with you and to serve all Decatur County residents and provide more information digitally, we are starting a NEW email newsletter!

This email newsletter will supplement this weekly column and our ads, and will be sent monthly. The newsletter will include links to our website to read past DCH Corner articles and other news releases. We’ll also include personal health tips, and other news you need to know. Staff and departments will be highlighted and bragged about, and we’ll include a calendar of events for our events and some public events.

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Stay up to date about upcoming events by reading our DCH Corner article each week, and following us on Facebook @DecaturCountyHospitalIowa. To learn more about Decatur County Hospital and our available services, please visit www.decaturcountyhospital.org. We want to hear from you! Email us at serb@d-c-h.org if you have a topic or question you would like us to cover in one of our DCH Corner articles.