The Business Office at Decatur County Hospital makes sure that patients are checked in, records are maintained, and that you and your insurance company are billed correctly.

The Business Office staffed hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm.  Registration is staffed 6:30am-8:00pm.  Financial Assistance is available if you are in a hardship or struggling to pay your bill.  Our Financial Assistance policy and application can be found in the Patient Resources tab.  Decatur County Hospital has partnered with HELP Financial to give our patients additional options for low interest loans (4%) if more time is needed to pay those large deductibles.

Price Transparency

At Decatur County Hospital, we agree that transparency about the cost of health care is important. We have created a price transparency tool which allows you to

  • Obtain a cost estimate.
  • Estimate your out-of-pocket cost for selected services.
  • View a list of standard charges.
  • View average charges by type of patient group.
  • See a list of shoppable service prices.


Steve Bitzkowski, Revenue Cycle Director

Steve Bitzkowski

Revenue Cycle Director

Jennifer Cunningham, Business Office Clerk

Jennifer Cunningham

Business Office Clerk

Tara Foster, Coder

Tara Foster

Coder, Certified

Katy Gibbs, Admit Clerk

Katy Gibbs

Admit Clerk

Rebecca Lamb, Business Office Clerk

Rebecca Lamb

Billing Lead

Tiffani Evans, Financial Counselor

Tiffani Martin

Financial Counselor

Teresa Redman, HIM Tech

Teresa Redman

HIM Technician

Rhonda Sage, Admit Clerk

Rhonda Sage

Admit Clerk

Tara Shields, Business Office Clerk

Tara Shields

Prior Authorization Specialist

Angie Wells, AP/PR Clerk

Angie Wells

AP/PR Clerk

Hannah Whitmire, Admit Clerk

Hannah Whitmire

Business Office Clerk