The medical/surgical services department provides medical oversight for patients with chronic or acute illness, and patients recovering from illness or surgical procedures. Our medical/surgical services include acute inpatient care, skilled care, observation, post-surgical care, and respite services.

Acute Inpatient Care

Acute inpatient care includes the full medical support of the hospital. The most frequent types of acute medical needs include respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); cardiovascular conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF), stroke (CVA), coronary artery disease (CAD); diabetes; cancer; and gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding.

Skilled Care

Acute care patients may be placed in a skilled care room for short-term therapy, or rehabilitation prior to returning home or going to another nursing facility. It’s your right to recover in the facility of your choice. If you or a loved one would be best served recovering in Decatur County, you can request to be referred to Decatur County hospital and utilize our Skilled Care (swing bed) service. We accept referrals from ANY hospital, and will work with your insurance provider. Professional nursing care, supportive services, and therapy are combined to transition patients to self-sufficiency.


Observation patients are placed in the hospital for a short time while the healthcare practitioner decides if the patient is sick enough to need inpatient treatment. Patients can be kept in the hospital for up to 48 hours on observation status for services like cardiac monitoring or diagnostic testing.


Patients may be placed in post-surgical care following certain surgeries. The most frequent types of post-surgical care include vascular procedures, appendectomies, abdominal, and joint replacement surgeries.


Respite care is the provision of short-term accommodation in the hospital to provide temporary relief to those who are caring for family members, who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home.


Our patient rooms are spacious and include a private bathroom with shower. Each room has a flat screen TV, a sleeper chair, and one additional chair. One of the patient rooms is equipped with a ceiling-mounted lift for transferring and repositioning patients. The state-of-the-art beds have built-in scales, fall monitoring equipment, and patient-friendly controls. Supplies are kept in and near patient rooms. Charting stations are located within each room. The result is improved nurse response time and room observations.

For more information about inpatient care at Decatur County Hospital, call us at 641-446-4871.


Visitors will be greeted at the main desk as they enter the front entrance. The primary waiting area is in the lobby at the front entrance. We have a second waiting room located across from the Emergency Department.

ALL visitors in the hospital must wear a mask at all times (except when eating in the cafeteria or eating in a patient room).

In our Emergency Room, at the physician’s discretion, one (1) visitor per patient will be allowed into the patient’s room.

In our Outpatient Clinic, one (1) visitor will be allowed to accompany a patient to an appointment.

In our Infusion Department, only patients who are being treated will be allowed in the treatment area, no visitors will be permitted.

In our Medical/Surgical area, we will allow one (1) visitor per patient at a time. One visitor may be designated per day, and must remain the same throughout the entire day. The person selected as the patient’s visitor will be allowed to visit between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm, must wear a face mask at all times while they are within the building, and movement will be restricted to entering and exiting the building, visiting the patient in their room, utilizing the public restrooms near the lobby, and visiting the cafeteria during meal times. The visitor will not be allowed in any other areas of the building.


Dr. Erika Brown, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Erika Brown, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Nathan Allen, DO

Nathan Allen, DO


Stephen Barnes, DO

Stephen Barnes, DO


Jeff Hartung, DO

Jeff Hartung, DO


Ryan Van Maanen, MD

Ryan Van Maanen, MD


Edwin Wehling, DO

Edwin Wehling, DO

General/Vascular Surgeon

Eugene Yoder, ARNP

Eugene Yoder, ARNP



Kelly Barker, BSN, RN, MBA, CMSRN

Kelly Barker

BSN, RN, MBA, CMSRN, Chief Nursing Officer

Melanie Hamaker, RN, BSN, Med/Surg-ED Manager

Melanie Hamaker

BSN, RN, Med/Surg-ED Manager

Robin Davidson, MSN, RN, Care Coordinator

Robin Davidson

MSN, RN, Care Coordinator

Jen Barker, COTA, LPN, Patient Advocate

Jennifer Barker

COTA, LPN, Patient Advocate

Cassie Amsberry, C.N.A.

Cassie Amsberry


Callyn Bonde, LPN

Callyn Bonde


Alicia Boswell, RN

Alicia Boswell


Chris Byler, RN

Chris Byler

RN Exempt

Patricia Cena, C.N.A.

Patricia Cena


Sherry Cotton, C.N.A.

Sherry Cotton


Anne Crowley, RN

Anne Crowley


Desiree Dominguez, RN, BSN

Desiree Dominguez


Rebecca Gaus, RN

Rebecca Gaus


Kaitlynn Gingerich, RN

Kaitlynn Gingerich


Mia Hutchinson

Mia Hutchinson


Ashley Jackson, RN

Ashley Jackson


Jake Jacobs, RN Exempt

Jake Jacobs


Aaron Keeney, RN

Aaron Keeney


Feron Leonard, RN

Feron Leonard


Maggie Lindsey, RN, BSN

Maggie Lindsey


Callan McCleary, RN

Callan McCleary


Taylor Purdy, LPN

Taylor Purdy


Jessica Sullivan, RN

Jessica Redman-Sullivan

RN Exempt, BSN

Tammy Roberts, RN

Tammy Roberts