Parkinson's Disease Support Group

If you are living with Parkinson’s disease, or another neurological condition, you might feel isolated from your peers and looking for support. At Decatur County Hospital, we believe that support for community members living with these conditions should be accessible, and improve your quality of life. Because of this belief, we are proud to host a monthly Parkinson’s disease support group for community members living with Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions.

Each month at Decatur County Hospital in Leon, Iowa, we host a Parkinson’s disease support group for those living with neurological conditions, and their caregivers. If you are living with Parkinson’s disease, dementia, neuropathy, epilepsy, seizures, or other conditions, you are welcome to join this group to discuss coping strategies and treatments, and to connect with others in the same situation.

During each gathering, DCH staff will facilitate conversation to talk about living with a neurological condition, and line up guest speakers. Group members will have an opportunity to share coping strategies for surviving the day-to-day reality of living with a neurological condition.  This group is FREE to anyone who RSVPs, and a meal will be provided. Each meeting starts at 11:30 am.

2024 Meeting Dates:

  • Wednesday, January 24
  • Wednesday, February 28
  • Wednesday, March 27
  • Wednesday, April 24
  • Wednesday, May 22
  • Wednesday, June 26
  • Wednesday, July 24
  • Wednesday, August 28
  • Wednesday, September 25
  • Wednesday, October 23
  • Wednesday, November 13
  • Wednesday, December 11

To learn more, and sign up to attend the monthly meetings, call Shannon Erb, Chief HR and Marketing Officer at 641-446-2345. If you are living with a neurological condition and looking to receive personal care close to home, call the DCH Outpatient Clinic at 641-446-2285 to schedule a consultation with our Neurologist, Dr. Maher Loutfi, MD.

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