Decatur County Hospital surgery services offers same day and inpatient services with advanced technologies, close to home. DCH offers a wide range of surgical services including:

  • General:
    • Abdominal wall hernias, umbilical hernias, inguinal hernia – open and laparoscopic
    • Breast biopsy, mastectomy, lumpectomy
    • All skin lesions and skin cancers – biopsy and excision
    • All laparoscopic procedures including gall bladder, appendix, and colon resection
    • Advanced laparoscopic procedures inclusive of Nissen Fundoplication for Gerd and hiatal hernia
    • All colon resections, including diverticular and colon cancer indications
    • All endoscopy – upper (EGD) and lower endoscopic (colonoscopy) with intervention
  • Orthopedic: general orthopedics; hip, knee, and shoulder arthroplasty; total joint replacements including knees and hips; adult reconstructive surgery; sports medicine; on-site physical therapy rehabilitation; trauma / fracture care; and more
  • Podiatry: ankle fracture, bunions, ganglion, heel spur, soft tissue injury
  • Vascular:
    • Diagnosis and treatment of all vascular disease – arterial and venous
    • Endovascular, minimal invasive, stent, “roto-rooter,” and balloon angioplasty of all vessels
    • Surgical bypass for blocked blood vessels
    • All hemodialysis access – vascular fistula and peritonel
    • Venous ablation and pulebectomy for varicose veins

The state-of-the-art rooms at DCH remain equipped with advanced technology for patients to receive the best quality care. We have an integrated surgical suite and fully equipped endoscopy suite which are available and allow timely scheduling for patient and surgeon convenience.

The DCH Surgical Team works well together to provide you with very good care. Our team includes your surgeon, your nurse anesthetist, registered nurses, surgical technologist, sterile processing technician, DCH Outpatient Clinic staff, and housekeeping staff. Other members of our team who may be involved in your care include: Laboratory staff, Pharmacy staff, as well as Radiology staff.

We are confident that our team will provide reassurance, comfort and education to patients and their families. The success of our surgical department is possible because of the surgeons who practice in our facility and exceptional team members who staff the surgery department.


In this video, you’ll hear from Bonnie Clark, a Leon resident who had a successful cancer treatment at Decatur County Hospital in Leon, Iowa.

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