Get Pain Relief Close to Home at Decatur County Hospital

This image lists the frequency of pain relief services available at Decatur County Hospital every month.

September is Pain Awareness Month, and at Decatur County Hospital we’re doing our part to serve patients in our rural area who suffer from pain. By providing a variety of services to address your pain close to home, you can get pain relief faster, and save the hassle of traveling to get treatment. The following services are available in the DCH Outpatient Clinic each month:

Chronic Pain Management

In this clinic, Chandra Brown treats ongoing pain issues by creating a plan unique to each pain sufferer. Chandra visits DCH four days each month.

Pain Services Clinic

Jay Brewer offers pain relief services two days each month, and he works with patients to provide relief through various treatments, including injections.


Three days each month, Elizabeth “Libby” Allen visits the DCH Outpatient Clinic to address pain from autoimmune conditions and other conditions that cause pain in the bones, muscles, joints, and skin. Because of the popularity of this service, starting in December Libby will visit DCH four days each month.

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Strittholt provides orthopedic surgical services to address pain in the joints or bones. His services include total joint replacement, hand surgery (including carpal tunnel and finger trigger release), knee arthroscopy, shoulder surgery, and more. Dr. Strittholt provides surgical services four days each month at DCH.

Spine/Neck Clinic and Surgery

Dr. Foster provides spine and neck surgery to address pain related to the skeletal system. He visits DCH two days each month to diagnose, treat, and provide ongoing care for those with spine or neck injuries or degenerative conditions.

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our DCH Rehabilitation Services team focuses on long term support and treatment for pain that does not need medication or surgery to correct. Many patients find relief with focused therapy and rehab. By implementing consistent, healthy habits, your pain can be lessened over time. Our rehab team is available every weekday by appointment.

For more information on our pain management services, call us at 641-446-2285.