Decatur County Hospital Adds Top Of The Line Ambulance To Its Fleet

Decatur County Hospital is excited to announce that a new ambulance has been added to its emergency service fleet. The Horton’s Type I ambulance has superior construction, and can withstand a 90,000-pound load test. Horton ambulances have a history of more than 40 years of dynamic crash testing.

The interior of the ambulance is outfitted with VI-Tech (Vibration insulation) to isolate vibration and noise, making a smoother ride for EMS staff and patients. VI-Tech includes eight layers of insulation and sound suppression in the floor alone. All interior cabinets are made from 090 aluminum, and are fully insulated for a quieter ride.  The entire floor is made from 2×3 double walled aluminum tubes, which is 2 times the thickness of the standard ambulance.

The back of the new ambulance includes the Horton Occupant Protection System.  The system includes four-point seat belts that operate with one click, which are designed to maximize convenience and comfort.  The system also includes three roll protection air bags. Two air bags are tube style to prevent the upper body and head from moving under the cabinets, and there is an air curtain in the action area to soften the impact of the head.

Widely recognized as the “workhorse” of the fire/EMS world, Horton’s Type I ambulance offers all the added benefits of a truck chassis in addition to the features in the interior. The new ambulance provides dependable support and four-wheel drive power, and includes a back-up camera for safety. This ambulance continues Decatur County Hospital’s commitment to excellent, high-end care. It will provide DCH staff and patients with a safer, smoother ride during an emergency, and allow staff to continue to provide excellent care, close to home.

Pictured Back Row l-r: Logan Wilson, Jamie McDaniel, Amanda Edsall, Teresa Mathews, Lucas Gilliland, Sean Thomas, Nick Horney, Tony Funk. Front Row l-r: Jake Jacobs, Abby Rardin, Denise Elefson.