DCH Honors Nurse with DAISY Award

Each year, we take nominations and recognize an outstanding nurse at Decatur County Hospital with the DAISY Award. This year we received nominations for six nurses: Jackie Becker, Anita Brooks, Melanie Hamaker, Brandi Oesch, Haylie Osborn, and Cheri Yoder.

This year’s award was presented by last year’s DAISY award winner, Julie Benda: “Everyday a nurse goes to work her job and she does it well. She gives something of herself to every patient that she sees she goes above and beyond and she considers it JUST part of the job! Last year I was honored to be the DAISY award winner it is the highest award a Nurse can get for giving of herself to patients and doing her job to the best of her ability! This year I am honored to present this sculpture that represents the bond between patient and nurse it was handmade in Zimbabwe by a tribe. Each piece is unique as the nurses that get them each piece is handcrafted and unique… the same as the nurses who receive this who give of themselves unselfishly to each patient and consider it just part of the job. This year I have the great honor of presenting this DAISY award to a nurse that I have seen exemplary care from, one that I am honored to work with… Cheri Yoder.”

Cheri (second from the right) is pictured with her family accepting the DAISY award during Hospital Week on May 15th.

Congratulations to Cheri, and thank you for all you do!