DCH Corner – Looking Forward to 2021

At Decatur County Hospital, we’re ready to usher in a new year with lots of new possibilities. For all your health care needs in 2021, we will be here to serve you.

In 2021, we will place a renewed focus on interacting with our patients and community. We often hear “I didn’t know my hospital offered                        ”, or “I can’t believe I can get treatment for my                    close to home.” We want to change that. We have so many services available right here in Decatur County, and we can save you the hassle of traveling to a larger city to get exceptional care.

To help tell our story, we will be starting new initiatives in 2021 to help you learn more about what we have to offer, and how you can access exceptional care, close to home.

1) Patient testimonials. We have so many patients who are willing to share their story about the great care they’ve received at DCH. We will be embarking on a journey to collect these stories, and share them on our social media outlets and website. We will publish written testimonials, and complete video interviews with patients who have a journey to share. If you have a great story to tell about your interaction with DCH, please share it with us! You can share your testimonial by clicking here to fill out a short form, or contact our Director of Marketing and Business Development, Shannon Erb, via email or phone at 641-446-2345.

2) Informational videos. Many patients find themselves with a health concern, but don’t know the right specialist to seek out. To help you learn more about all our services, we will be releasing informational videos. These videos will feature interviews with physicians, examples of treatments, and what to expect if you use our services. These videos will be featured on our website and social media accounts.

3) Virtual tours. Most patients who visit the hospital come in for a specific purpose, and only see certain departments of the hospital. To help you learn more about what to expect if you come for a visit, we will be producing virtual tours of various departments of our hospital. These will be available on our website, and also shared on our social media outlets.

4) Email newsletter. To offer more ways of interacting with the hospital, you can now get information from us right in your email inbox. On a regular basis, we will send our subscribers a newsletter with news, events, and healthy tips. We will also use this newsletter for special alerts when we add new services, or have exciting news to share. To sign up for our email newsletter, click here to fill out a short form.

5) New website. To bring together all these new ways of learning about the hospital, we need a new website to give you easy access to the information you need. Our new website is scheduled to go live in January, and will be accessible through our existing website address, www.www.decaturcountyhospital.org.

6) Employee features. Finally, the hospital could not function as well as it does without our great staff. On our social media outlets, we will regularly feature hospital departments and individual employees to recognize them for the great work they do each and every day to deliver exceptional care, close to home.

Thank you for all your support during 2020. It was a year full of challenges for hospitals, but were are proud of the work we were able to do every day to keep our doors open, and provide exceptional care, close to home.

To learn more about Decatur County Hospital and all our available services, browse our website, or follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.