Friends of Decatur County Hospital Organization Offers $2,000 Scholarship

Friends of Decatur County Hospital (formerly DCH Auxiliary) has announced a $2,000 scholarship opportunity! Qualified applicants are:

  1. Second year or further into a health-care educational program
  2. Resident of Decatur County (disregarding location of school)
  3. Or currently employed by any health care facility in the county (regardless of current residence.
  4. If current submitter has not been in school for a while, but would like to return and further their healthcare education, this would qualify for an application.

Deadline for submission of completed applications: June 15, 2023.

Recipient will be awarded at the Decatur County Fair, and must then provide information necessary for $2,000 check to be made out and mailed to the appropriate educational institution for the following term.

The following information is needed on your application for the $2000.00 scholarship that will be awarded at the Decatur County Fair, in Leon, Iowa.

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Phone numbers (cell and home):
  • Email Address:
  • Previous Employment:
  • Description of your Course of Study:
  • Name, Address, and Phone of Medical Institution you are attending currently:

List your past/present leadership experiences and service involvements

  • *Please include transcripts from your prior year in this course of study.
  • *Please include two instructor/advisor letters of recommendation, and one personal non-related letter recommendation
  • * What are your plans upon completing your education, and add any additional information about yourself that would interest the scholarship committee. (250-300 words.)

Send completed application to:

Decatur County Hospital
Friends of DCH Scholarship Application
C/O Shannon Erb
1405 NW Church Street
Leon, IA 50144