Decatur County Hospital to Renovate Space for NEW Infusion Center

At Decatur County Hospital, we’re proud to be your local provider for specialty health care. We believe all our community members deserve access to necessary care without the burden of traveling far from home. As we approach the opening of our new DCH Outpatient Clinic building, we’re looking forward to utilize the former clinic space in the best way to meet the needs of our community.

We are excited to announce that after the Outpatient Clinic has moved into their new space, approximately 1,900 square feet of the existing area will undergo a complete renovation to become a new infusion center. This new space will double our existing capacity to all us to serve up to ten (10) patients simultaneously. With its open floor plan, elevated ceiling, provisions for natural light, and other design touches, the new infusion center will provide a far more comfortable experience for those going through treatment. In addition, it allows our nursing staff to maintain continuous observation of patients to ensure their comfort and that infusions are consistent with the prescribed treatment plan.

Each individual infusion space will provide patients with individual lighting controls, spacious storage for personal belongings, Internet access, and individual televisions to choose their entertainment (including the ability to connect headphones to avoid disturbing others).  The new infusion area has been designed to provide patients the option of maintaining their privacy during treatment or to be able to interact with other patients to share stories and offer support.

Decatur County Hospital offers short or long-term Infusion Therapy Services (also called intravenous or IV therapy). Whether you are being treated for infection, cancer, or another illness, the DCH Infusion Department offers quality services.

We provide various types of infusions, including but not limited to: Chemotherapy (administered by Chemotherapy Certified Nurses, who are specially trained); administration of IV antibiotics and other medications; hydration therapy; blood transfusions; infusions for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis; iron infusions; anti–rejection medication; central line care; injections such as Aranesp, Neupogen, Procrit, Neulasta, and Lupron; and IV immune globulin.

Infusion Therapy offers flexible scheduling to best meet your needs Monday through Friday with added availability on weekends as needed. This allows you to maintain your normal routine with appointments at times that are convenient for you. When referred to the Infusion Clinic, all aspects of your care are coordinated with your health care provider. Once the Infusion department has been notified of your referral, a staff member will call you and schedule the time and date of your infusion.

The DCH infusion team includes your health care provider, registered nurses, a pharmacist, a pharmacy tech, and laboratory staff. Our team has advanced education to provide the most qualified and experienced care to you and your family. Specially-trained registered nurses will administer your infusion therapy with compassionate, personalized care in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Due to the conservative financial management of the hospital’s income and expenditures, this modernization project is fully funded from the operational funds and cash reserves of the hospital.  Decatur County Hospital will not incur any new debt, nor will any increase of the property tax levy be undertaken as a result.

This investment in the future of health care for Decatur County demonstrates Decatur County Hospital’s commitment to its vital role in the health of our community members and our region as a whole. As more of our residents face the reality of living with unique, chronic conditions, it is imperative that specialists work closely with patients, and utilize all of the high-level services that Decatur County Hospital has to offer.

If you or someone you know are looking for specialty care, call us at 641-446-2285 to learn more about our services, and schedule an appointment today. Depending on your insurance, you likely do not need a referral to see most of the specialists in our Outpatient Clinic.

DCH Infusion Center Design