Orthopedic Surgery Close to Home

Living with joint pain or pain from an injury? We are here to help. Our DCH Outpatient Clinic hosts Dr. Shehada Homedan, MD, and Nusaybah Ishmail, PA-C, DMS a total of 3 days each month to provide a full range of orthopedic services to patients in our region.

Dr. Homedan cares for patients that are dealing with fractures, in need of a joint replacement, or living with pain from trauma to a bone or joint. Specific services available in our orthopedic clinic include: general orthopedics; hip, knee, and shoulder arthroplasty (including total joint replacements); adult reconstructive surgery; sports medicine; on-site physical therapy rehabilitation; trauma / fracture care; and more. Nusaybah Ishmail provides follow up care after surgery, ongoing check ups, and assessment for surgery.

Addressing these concerns is not a one size fits all model. Every type of pain, and every patient is unique. Because we know that your situation is unique, we harness the power of multiple services to ensure we diagnose your pain properly, and provide a solution that meets your needs.

As an added benefit for our total joint replacement surgery patients, we offer a FREE service to help you prepare for and recover from total joint surgery.  Representatives from our partner–Goldfinch Health– will work with your surgical team, other hospital staff, and you to help ensure you receive care based on Advanced Surgical Pathways. These approaches are designed to enhance your preparation for surgery, better manage any surgery-related pain, and minimize your need to use addictive opioid painkillers.

This service is currently available for patients who undergo total joint replacement procedures, but will soon be expanded to our other surgical services including general and vascular surgeries completed by Dr. Edwin Wehling, DO. Through this partnership, we will provide access to three tools at no cost to you.

1) We will provide access to a Goldfinch Nurse Navigator. Experts in surgery and recovery, Goldfinch Nurses are here to support and advocate for you each step along the way. Whether working with your Goldfinch Nurse over the phone, or through the Goldfinch app, no question is too big or too small. The Goldfinch Nurse acts as an extension of your surgeon and the Decatur County Hospital care team.

2) A customized app is available for smart phones, and other electronic devices. This app allows you to chat with your Goldfinch Nurse at any time. The app also provides access to articles and videos to ensure you are an informed patient, and ready for your best surgery experience.

3) Prior to your surgery, a “Prepared for Surgery” care package will be mailed directly to you. This box includes a number of items key to your best surgery experience. The care package will be provided to you a few days before your surgery and your Goldfinch Nurse will guide you through use of the items included.

Throughout your journey, we are confident that our entire team—Decatur County Hospital and Goldfinch—will provide reassurance, comfort, and education when you need it.

Depending on your insurance, you likely do not need a referral to see our orthopedic team, or any of our other surgeons and specialists. To learn more and schedule your consultation, call our Outpatient Clinic at 641-446-2285.