DCH Offers Stress Testing

Did you know? If your health care provider suggests a cardiac stress test to assess your heart health, you don’t have to travel far from home to get results. At Decatur County Hospital, we provide stress testing in a caring and secure environment with an expert team.

Stress testing is a routine test that is done to help diagnose coronary artery disease, determine the cause of heart rhythm problems, guide cardiac treatment for new or chronic conditions, or to check your heart before surgery. The test provides your doctor with a look at how your heart works during physical activity, which can amplify problems with blood flow. Once these problems are diagnosed, you and your health care team can work together to develop a customized plan to address them.

At Decatur County Hospital, our stress testing takes place in a monitored setting, with a team of experts at your side. Our team includes a nurse, a provider (doctor or ARNP), and a nuclear medicine technician as needed. This team ensures that your test is performed safely, and accurately. Once the results of your test are completed, the information is shared with your care team to develop a treatment plan, or further guide the next steps in your cardiac health journey.

A stress test can be an uncomfortable experience, but is a necessary tool to ensure your cardiac health is being addressed appropriately. The DCH stress test team will help ease your fears, and ensure you receive the best care possible from our compassionate employees. We have the specialists you need to provide the care you deserve.

If you receive a referral for a stress test, as your provider to refer you to Decatur County Hospital so you can receive exceptional care, close to home.

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