Decatur County Hospital to Add Space for Continued Expansion

At Decatur County Hospital, we believe that our community deserves access to specialty care close to home. You shouldn’t have to travel to see a specialist for your health care needs. We believe that health care should be effective, accessible, and comprehensive to ensure that providers can give the best care possible for you and your loved ones.

With the recent growth in the DCH Outpatient Clinic through the addition of multiple specialty clinics (Chronic Pain Management, Gynecology and Uro-Gynecology, Neurology, Orthopedic Surgery, Rheumatology, and Spine/Neck Surgery have all been added in the last 2 years), we have outgrown the current specialty clinic space within the hospital.

In order to continue our service to the community and provide specialty care close to home, Decatur County Hospital will be undergoing construction to add additional space to the existing hospital building. The new space will include eighteen (18) exam rooms (including two [2] procedure rooms), a new surgical suite, and a separate waiting room for DCH Outpatient Clinic patients.

This addition will be integrated into the existing hospital facility, and placed on the east side of the current building. Pending the successful procurement of financing and affordable materials, construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in the fall of 2021.

Due to the conservative financial management of the hospital’s income and expenditures, there will be no impact on property taxes for our community members. The expansion will be funded with revenue bonds, and will not increase our property tax levy.

As we continue the formal process of making this expansion a reality, we will be hosting public meetings to discuss the plans ahead of construction, but there will be no vote needed by the public to proceed.

In addition to the expansion tied to the existing building, an accessory building will also be constructed on the property to the west of the hospital, across the highway. This accessory building will be used for storage of safety and medical supplies we regularly keep on hand, and serve as upgraded storage for our Plant Operations Department. Construction on this accessory building will begin this spring.

This investment in the future of health care for Decatur County shows that Decatur County Hospital will have an important role in the health of our community members, and our community as a whole. With the decreasing availability of specialty services in rural areas, the specialists in our DCH Outpatient Clinic have never been more important. As more community members face the reality of living with unique, chronic conditions, it is imperative that specialists work closely with patients, and utilize all the high-level services that Decatur County Hospital has to offer.

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